State Chairs

The following NACBA members have taken on the volunteer position of State Chair. They coordinate legislative activities in their areas, and serve as the point person for local NACBA activities. State Chairs serve as a resource for new NACBA members in their state, and many have established a listserv for NACBA members in their state to facilitate the sharing of information and discussion on bankruptcy issues of local interest.


State/Territory Chair
AR Rusty Sparks
AZ Harold Campbell
CA (Central) Jenny Doling
CA (Northern)
CA (Southern) Raymond Schimmel
CO Stephen Berken
CT Scott Charmoy
DC Brian Lee
DE Vivian Houghton
DE Cynthia Carroll
FL (Middle and Northern) Charles Moore
FL (Southern)
GA Alex Dolhancyk
HI Stuart Ing
IA Nancy Thompson
IL (Northern)
IL (Southern) Andy Miofsky
KY John Rogers
MA Jed Berliner
MD Brett Weiss
ME Neil Shankman
MI Kurt O’Keefe
MN Yvonne Novak
MO Rachel Lyn Foley
MO Wendell Sherk
MS Patrick Sheehan
NC Kenneth Love
NE Francis Skrupa
NH Richard Gaudreau
NY (Northern and Western) Theodore Araujo
NY (Southern and Eastern) David Shaev
OH (Northern) Richard Nemeth
OH (Southern)
OK Gregory Colpitts
OR Kent Anderson
PA (Eastern) Stephen Dunne
PA (Western)
PR Lyssette Morales
SC John Cantrell
SD John Mairose
TN Bo Luxman
TX (Eastern) Mark Agee
TX (Northern) Thad Bartholow
TX (Southern) Vicky Fealy
TX (Western) Erin Shank
UT Sarah Mathews
VA (Eastern) Ilaine Upton
VA (Western)
VT Michelle Kainen
WI Abe Michelson
WV Aaron Amore