Going Green at #NACBALA

NACBA is continuing our effort towards achieving a more sustainable, eco-friendly and socially-responsible practices at #NACBALA. This effort covers a wide range of initiatives that include decreased use of natural resources, donating surplus materials and food to worthy local causes, enhanced recycling and re-purposing of reusable materials, and working with our convention partners/providers to ensure full-ecosystem awareness of NACBA’s sustainability priorities.

Some of the GREEN initiatives in place for #NACBALA include:

  • Convention materials will be available electronically only. To download the NACBALA app on your apple device CLICK HERE. To download on your Android device CLICK HERE.
  • Convention totes will be replaced with bags made of recycled material
  • Encouraging attendees and exhibitors to register for our events online
  • Eliminating unnecessary printed materials to reduce waste
  • Recycling plastic badge holders
  • Printing our conference programs on recycled paper
  • Using 100% recycled paper to print conference name badges
  • Increased use of digital signage, dramatically reducing printed signage
  • Ensuring surplus food is donated to local food bank, whenever possible
  • Decreased use of plastic water bottles in favor of water coolers
  • Using plastic badge-holders made from partially recycled materials