Don’t File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney: Pro Se, No Way!

Don’t File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney: Pro Se, No Way!

(Washington, D.C.) The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) urges you to say “Pro Se, No Way!”

“Pro se” means that individuals can file bankruptcy without an attorney. NACBA has launched its latest campaign, “Pro Se, No Way!”, to encourage debtors to seek the advice of a qualified attorney when filing bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy with an attorney is strongly recommended by the United States Courts because bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal outcomes. In fact, many pro se bankruptcy cases have been dismissed because the debtors did not file the correct way, or fulfill their bankruptcy obligations. The forms are complex and have seemingly trick questions about a person’s financial affairs.

NACBA knows bankruptcy is a very personal choice, and no one cares more about your situation than you do. While bankruptcy law is designed to ease your financial distress and help you get a fresh start, it isn’t the end of the world. Bankruptcy could stop collection calls, lawsuits, wage garnishments, and it could erase debt. It also may help your credit scores. An experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the information necessary to complete the forms and to avoid the dangers that can cost you property, money, or even your freedom. Visit the NACBA Member Directory to find a qualified NACBA member bankruptcy attorney in your area. Go to to learn more about “Pro Se, No Way!”.

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