Case Bites: Interesting Issues and Decisions from This Week’s Cases

Case Bites: Interesting Issues and Decisions from This Week’s Cases

Issues discussed in cases below:

  • Can a debtor, post-deposition, make material, contradictory changes to his deposition transcript on the Errata Sheet? (Bankr. N.D.GA.)
  • Can the bankruptcy court allow a late claim by a creditor omitted from a timely filed creditors list? (Bankr. MD.)
  • Can a chapter 7 debtor invalidate a mortgage lien if the mortgage holder doesn’t maintain its files and delays 10 years before completing a non-judicial foreclosure? (Bankr. E.D.WA.)
  • Can a chapter 13 debtor strip off an unsecured lien from real property that is titled as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, where the joint tenant is not a joint debtor in the bankruptcy case? (Bankr. E.D.VA.)
  • Is an assignee of a consumer creditor contract liable for misdeeds of the originator of the contract under the “Holder Rule”? (Bankr. N.D.TX.)
  • In a chapter 13 plan can a debtor cram down a 910-vehicle to value if the vehicle also secured other obligations to the credit union? (Bankr. S.D.FL.)
  • Does the “weekend rule” in Bankruptcy Rule 9006(a)(1)(C) (deadline occurring on a weekend is extended to the next business day) apply to deadlines with a specific date? (Bankr. N.D.TX.)
  • Can a Stern objection to the Bankruptcy Court’s authority be implicitly waived if not pled in a responsive pleading per Bankruptcy Rule 7012? (Bankr.N.D.IL.)


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