Case Bites: Interesting Issues and Decisions from This Week’s Cases

Case Bites: Interesting Issues and Decisions from This Week’s Cases

Issues discussed in cases below:

  • In a student loan dischargeability proceeding, can a Debtor still demonstrate undue hardship if a student loan lender offers an IBRP of $0.00 per month? (Bankr. D.OR.)
  • In a “Chapter 20” scenario, is it bad faith for the Debtor to file the chapter 13 if the plan will not strip off a wholly unsecured second mortgage? (Bankr. S.D.Fla.)
  • In a chapter 13 confirmation context, can a creditor successfully move for summary judgment on the issues of bad faith plan and petition under 11 U.S.C. §§ 1325(a)(3) and (a)(7)? (Bankr. D.ME.)
  • Is intentional concealment of a lawsuit in a bankruptcy grounds to bar the law suit under the judicial estoppel principle? (7th Cir.)
  • Does a bankruptcy court have jurisdiction to enter a monetary judgment on a disputed state law claim in the course of making a dischargeability determination? (D.NV.)
  • Can a chapter 7 trustee reopen a bankruptcy to administer a previously disclosed and abandoned asset? (Bankr. C.D.IL.)
  • In a dischargeability sanctions proceeding, which party bears the burden to prove that there is no objectively reasonable basis for concluding the discharge makes a creditor’s actions unlawful? (Bankr. N.D.Ohio)
  • In resolving a trustee plan objection to confirmation, can the parties agree to strike the offending language without service or notice to creditors? (Bankr. E.D.Tenn.)
  • Does the means test allowance for mortgage expenses create a cap which disallows the extra amount of a higher mortgage payment? (Bankr. N.D.Tex.)


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