Amazon Prime, eBay Passwords Sought from Bankruptcy Debtors

Amazon Prime, eBay Passwords Sought from Bankruptcy Debtors

At least two Chapter 7 trustees in Maryland are demanding that debtors provide them with log-ins and passwords for their PayPal, Amazon Prime and eBay accounts, according to an attorney involved in a bankruptcy case.

It’s a practice bankruptcy attorneys who spoke with Bloomberg BNA called invasive and intimidating. The Justice Department branch tasked with overseeing bankruptcy also doesn’t support the move.

Bobby Wilbert, a consumer bankruptcy attorney from Silver Spring, Md., and Jacksonville, Fla., provided Bloomberg BNA with a copy of a questionnaire he said was being submitted by trustees Gary Rosen and Roger Schlossberg to their Chapter 7 debtors in Maryland. Wilbert represents a debtor who received the demand.

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