2020 President’s Letter to Membership

2020 President’s Letter to Membership

“Hindsight is 20/20” – English proverb

Dear NACBA members:

One might also point out that this year, foresight is 2020, as well!

NACBA continues to advance, and we visualize the upcoming year to be one of uninterrupted fortune. Looking back, the 2019 calendar for NACBA was replete with success. 2020 and 20/20 indeed!

Our annual convention this past year in Cleveland, OH was tremendous. Cleveland as the host city was a great place to visit, explore, and learn at our curated convention events. Plenty of good food, libations and activities, not the least of which was the takeover of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. NACBA attendees were treated to fascinating exhibits and the music/musical displays throughout were nearly fantastical.

During 2019 our NACBA webinars were a constant source of good information.  Headed up by our own Jim Haller, he and his volunteer contributors continue to provide welcome knowledge and information to our practices. Thanks to all that work so hard to present those webinars and to those who attend! (Keeping in mind that those webinars are available in the NACBA.ORG store for replay on demand.) Those NACBA benefits keep coming!

Our robust listserv provides the best sounding board for all consumer bankruptcy questions, easy and hard from our National ‘firm’. And our individual Circuit communities continue to grow and provide important focused case law reviews and discussions.

NACBA’s legislative committee has been actively monitoring bankruptcy related bills on Capitol Hill.  One important achievement was the pursuit, participation and passage of the HAVEN act. Additionally, last year NACBA worked with US Senate and House members on the introduction of broad legislation ( S. 1414 and H.R. 2648) restoring the student loan discharge in bankruptcy.  We intend to follow this important step by gaining additional sponsors in 2020 and beyond to ultimately obtain a majority in both houses to pass this critical legislation. NACBA continues to be the solitary voice advocating positive change for our clients through our lobbying efforts.  We know that making change is a ‘long game’, and your legislative committee continues to work towards real positive change.

The National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center (NCBRC) continues to lead the country and the courts on behalf of our consumer debtor appeals. The favorable citations are too numerous to mention, and the number of amicus briefs filed are too numerous as well. Suffice to say that the support of NCBRC by your continued NACBA membership and by your personal donations, have gone a long long way to preserving our good practice for ourselves and our debtor clients. Please be sure to thank Tara Twomey, as the NCBRC Executive Director, and the whole of the NCBRC Board of Directors for a job well done! Donate Now!

The 2019 Puerto Rico Members-Only Workshop held at the Wyndham Rio Mar in early December was popular. This event was a reprise of our first Puerto Rico workshop there in 2010. Many thanks go out to our especially gracious Puerto Rico members for hosting all things on the island. The food, the ambiance, the weather, and the educational panels were spectacular. We look forward to returning there again before another 9 years!

Speaking of events, now comes Los Angeles/Hollywood for the 28th annual convention. Held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Your intrepid convention committee has created another incomparable slate of educational panels. This year in returning to tinseltown the big event will be NACBA’s private Universal Studios Reception. Can it, will it, exceed the Rock & Roll HOF reception? Come, register and attend to find out! Registration is HERE.

Finally, I am most pleased to direct your attention to the 2019 Summary NACBA Financial Statement (Member Dashboard) presented by our indefatigable treasurer Ike Shulman. One important item that the statement shows is that our overall membership has increased, and to all of our members, a hearty Thank You for your confidence in our organization and your ongoing loyalty.

The ‘bottom line’ of that report reflects the very hard work of our capable and appreciated NACBA staff, as well as the due diligence and hard work of our NACBA board. To each of them, individually and collectively, I extend my personal thanks and gratitude for a great great 2019, and we look 20/20 forward to NACBA’s bright future.

Educate. Advocate. Litigate.

John C. Colwell
NACBA President

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